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4 precision magnetic screwdriver sets

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Perfect screwdriver set including a 4pcs screwdriver without different sizes. Suitable for repairing televisions, refrigerators, electric fans, household appliances and other maintenance appliances.
Multifunction screwdriver set, including 4 pieces of screwdrivers to meet different demands.
Made of CRV 6150 # with quench forging, its hardness can reach HRC42-48, guaranteed for long-term use.
Type U screwdrivers are mainly used to disassemble Bull sockets.
Type Y screwdrivers are mainly used for certain brands of keyboards and mouse games, for removing boxing pods and for demolishing humidifiers and other devices.
Triangle type screwdrivers are mainly used to repair household appliances .
Type: U Type / Y Type / Triangle Type (optional)
Color: blue + black
Material: Chrome vanadium steel PP + (CR-V 45 #)
Hardness: HRC42-48
Type: Combined screwdriver set
Screwdriver size:
U Type: M1.7mm * 50mm, M2.0mm * 50mm, M2.3mm * 50m, M2.6mm * 50mm
Type Y: Y3.0mm * 50mm, Y4.0mm * 50mm, Y5.0mm * 50mm, Y6.0mm * 50mm
Triangle type: M1.8mm * 50mm, M2.0mm * 50mm, M2.3mm * 50mm, M3.0mm * 50mm
Handle length: 80mm
Screwdriver length: 130mm
Package size: 21 * 11 * 3cm / 8.3 * 4.3 * 1.2in
Package weight: U Type 170g, Y Type 154g, Triangle Type 143g
Package list:
4 * screwdriver

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