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Adjustable retractable ratchet screwdriver set 618 in 1

  • $7.07
  • Product Code: ME15496198
  • Availability: In Stock
Perfect double screwdriver set, including a 1 pc retractable screwdriver handle and a 1 pc double screwdriver head. Suitable for repairing televisions, refrigerators, electric fans, household appliances and other maintenance devices.
The two-way screwdriver set contains magnetic slits and split into 2 heads for easy changing.
Comfortable non-slip molded handles and special material make it durable and does not break down easily.
Plug-in tip design, easy to install and replace, saving time and efficiency.
Manufactured in CRV 6150 # with quench forging, its hardness can reach HRC52-56, guaranteed for long-term use.
Perfect for appliance repair, electrical work, machinery, auto and motorcycle repairs.
Color: blue + black
Material: Chrome vanadium steel PP + (CR-V 6150 #)
Hardness: HRC52-56
Screw head type: Slotted,
Type: Set of two screwdrivers
screwdriver: PH2
Slotted: SL3mm, SL6.3mm
Rod size: 6.3mm
Handle length: 125mm
Screwdriver length: 155mm
Adjustable handle and rod length: 180-255mm
Package size: 18 * 4 * 4cm / 11.4 * 6.5 * 1.8in
Package Weight: 103g
Package list:
1 * screwdriver handle
1 * 2-way screwdriver head

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